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Krel Central a.s. is engaged in the design, construction, or purchase of solar projects in any stage of implementation, including the purchase of suitable land for the implementation of a large PV plant. Do you suspect you have one? Or are you unsure and would like to discuss with us possible forms of cooperation, whether on a project basis, quotation, construction or purchase of the land or the entire project? Do not hesitate to contact us via the form.
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Dear customers, partners,

You will have noticed the new possibilities for support and forms of subsidies, which once again offer a wide range of opportunities for the construction of profitable photovoltaic solar parks. According to the EU action and strategic plans, the subsidy trend will definitely last up to 2027, so the opportunities for the construction of profitable large-scale solar projects are now opening up again. Given the certainty of subsidy support until 2027 for PV and renewable energy in general, it can be stated that it is still possible to implement construction plans with a safe time margin, even for projects that are only at the very beginning of the business idea phase.

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