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Krel Central a.s. is the successor entity of the firm Elektrocentrály Karel Řehák (ID: 42491282, VAT NUMBER: CZ491010170) operating not only on the Czech but also on the European market of suppliers of backup power solutions/generators since 1991. For nearly thirty years the company has successfully worked to develop unique solutions in the electrical industry. The products of Krel Central a.s. are now distributed throughout Europe. In the Czech Republic, customers have been joined by companies and institutions such as Telefonica O2, Prague Castle, dozens of hospitals, fire brigades, SŽDC, ČEZ and many others. The products of Krel Central a.s. are unique not only in the Czech Republic, but also worldwide ⁠-⁠ thanks to their sophistication and reliability. All the certifications and people at the head of the company from the time of its establishment to the present day constitute a guarantee of safety and quality for future partners and allow Krel Central a.s. to develop its potential in other countries and other areas of the energy industry. From a supplier of automatic backup solutions and a manufacturer of unique automatic start systems, Krel Central a.s. is now a major player in the field of energy, and due to the trends of "green energy", it is also significantly expanding its activities in the field of domestic/company photovoltaics.

Our main economic activities are:
  • Wholesale and supply of photovoltaic panels, local energy storage and supply of standardized factory generators for common applications.
  • Development, installation and maintenance of highly sophisticated automatic starts of industrial generators for the needs of entities with the need for continuous operation ⁠-⁠ hospitals, data centres, emergency services, nursing homes, supermarkets, building ventilation systems, stadiums, telecommunication transmitters, etc.
  • Design, supply, installation and connection of domestic and corporate solar systems with energy accumulation ⁠-⁠ including support and administration of subsidy titles (Green Savings, support of photovoltaics for companies from OPPIK).
  • In recent years, an interesting but inevitable trend for the future has forced us to think about and implement developments in the field of urban electromobility, personal electromobility, electromobility for people aged 15 and over, electromobility for the elderly, developments in the field of shared electromobility, and developments in the field of charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Given the economic attractiveness of the energy industry, we devote time and energy to finding new market opportunities. This includes investments in energy and non⁠-⁠energy projects, as well as investments in projects and investments unrelated to the energy industry.

We are currently preparing new storage facilities to expand our product portfolio and increase the capacity of installed projects. Given the scale of current and planned green energy subsidies for 2021⁠-⁠2027, we are expanding the capacity of our engineers, warehouse, technical facilities and supplier network to be able to implement the required projects to the greatest extent possible.

We greatly appreciate all our customers and hope that in the years to come we will continue to implement many efficient, economical and environmentally friendly projects together, and together we will expand the company's scope in the right direction ⁠-⁠ into the future!

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