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Krel Central a.s. is a manufacturer of certified ATS RG10 and RG30 units for automatic starting of petrol generators of the manufacturers HONDA, BRIGGS&STRATTON and selected diesel generators (e.g. KUBOTA, LISTER PETTER, CUMMINS, PERKINS).

Automatic control of generator Krel Central a.s.
  • We manufacture and supply sophisticated power backup solutions for businesses and households.
  • We supply automatic back⁠-⁠up generators, using certified ATS RG10 and RG30 series units for automatic generator start, we carry out their installation and service.
  • We supply petrol generators MiT Plzeň with the most modern HONDA, Honda EM and EU series, BRIGGS & STRATTON PROMAX series engines.
Technical description of backup generators with automatic start

Our designed and manufactured control units for automatic start of ATS RG10/30 power generators are equipped with a console with a two⁠-⁠line display in Czech, which can be used to automatically or manually control or test the connected power generator. The display indicates the status and voltage of the network and other technological states of the backup power supply.

ATS RG series control units are designed for most industrial generators of renowned manufacturers.
ATS panel operation Mobile version of ATS panel operation Shadow of ATS panel operation

Basic functions of RG series automatic switching panels

Basic equipment of the RG series control unit

Connection diagram
Control panel for automatic start of electric generators ⁠-⁠ ATS RG10/30 with RX500 unit

The RG10/30 control panels fitted with the RX500 unit are used to ensure automatic start of the generator after a mains voltage failure and switching the generator to the back⁠-⁠up mains and correct disconnection after the mains voltage is restored. The unit is controlled by a microprocessor and is operated via a console with a two⁠-⁠line LCD display (English). These units are the result of our own development using long⁠-⁠term experience from past applications and are the basic control element of our modified and supplied automatic start generators.

All our devices have valid EZU and CE certificates.

We provide a complete warranty and post⁠-⁠warranty service including consultation.

Connection diagram