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What is electromobility anyway?

Electromobility is a complex solution for the movement of vehicles using electricity, or the operation of electrically powered vehicles. Recharging vehicles through the mains is an integral part of the system, either directly from the socket, via a special home station (wallbox), or via a public charging station. This includes not only the operation of electric cars, but also electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, and mass transit (such as electric trains, trams, subways, trolleybuses, electric buses, electric boats, electric airplanes).

Are there any health risks associated with charging electric cars?

Charging an electric car is completely safe for your health. Charging is via a very thick cable, the cable is magnetically locked in the electric car during charging. Both the electric car and the charging station have sensitive fuses and you can monitor the entire charging process on the display of the charging station, your electric car or in a mobile app. In fact you can take a break while recharging, which is good for your health.

How many charging stations are there in total?

There are now over 1,100 public places in the Czech Republic where people can recharge their car battery.

How long does it take to recharge an electric car battery?

The charging time of an electric car depends on the battery capacity and the type or power of the charging station. In general, you can recharge an electric car from a conventional 230V socket in 8⁠-⁠12 hours, ideally overnight. You can recharge your electric car in 3⁠-⁠5 hours from your home charger, called a wallbox.

Can I charge the battery even if it is not fully discharged?

Yes, the li⁠-⁠ion battery in an electric car (or electric bike or electric scooter) can be recharged at any time.