ATS Panels

Industrial use of ATS panels

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FOR COMPANIES, INSTITUTIONS AND OTHER ENTITIES WITH NON⁠-⁠STOP OPERATION NECESSITY, automatic generators ensure the smooth and unrestricted operation of key equipment and technologies in production or services. This protects not only the functionality of the property, but also the safety of traffic. Automation also saves money ⁠-⁠ it prevents damage to equipment and products, while optimizing the operation of the generator to minimize wear and tear and maximize customer benefit.

Automatic backup of the public power grid with a power generator for backing up important technology:
  • Medical facilities
  • Objects of the Integrated Rescue System
  • Fire alarm, burglar alarm, centralised control desk security technologies
  • Municipal waterworks
  • Technology of gas boiler rooms
  • Backup lighting
  • Backup of heat pumps, etc.
  • UPS servers
  • Cooling equipment
  • Automatic motor fans for pressurised halls
  • Automatic Flood Pumps
  • Power backup for fire pumps
  • Agriculture ⁠-⁠ poultry farms, etc.
  • Fire Fans
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Backup of photovoltaic cells in "island mode"
  • Backing up a small wind power plant in "island mode"

Further applications of automatic control of generators can be discussed with our engineers. Do not hesitate to contact

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