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Own development Krel Central a.s.

Due to our long history of economic activities and expected projected development, we are pursuing development in areas where we see high economic potential, both in terms of market and subsidy.

The in⁠-⁠house development of electronic devices and control units of the ATS GR 10/30 is linked to two main directions⁠ - ⁠automation of generator starts and development in the field of electromobility/charging stations for corporate use.

Our main development direction in the coming periods is the consistency of grid⁠-⁠supplied electricity in combination with local storage, photovoltaic panels and a backup source in the form of a generator. This is a solution suitable mainly for the public sector (authorities, hospitals, integrated rescue system, mountain service) and then mainly for mountain huts/housing/residences, where a high emphasis is placed on ecology, ecological energy sources (solar, water, wind), however, with more frequent power outages, the standards of the users of the buildings are significantly reduced ⁠-⁠ it is therefore necessary to use generators as a "last resort". This development builds on the long⁠-⁠term experience with the development, installation and maintenance of hundreds of installed industrial generators, with the emphasis on later commercial use also in the premises of ordinary small solar power plants installed in family houses, etc.

From a long⁠-⁠term perspective and the EU Renewable Energy Action Strategies, we expect a significant increase in the use of renewable energy sources in the next 5 years and thus potentially more instability on the supply side of the grid, which, with a likely significant increase in the share of electromobility, will potentially cause grid instability in the short term. We expect that this trend will lead to more frequent grid congestion in the periphery and thus more pressure to install smaller, auto⁠-⁠start generators tied to other local power sources.

The second future⁠-⁠oriented development is in the field of electromobility ⁠-⁠ with a focus on charging stations for home and business use. This is mainly a development in the area of slow/overnight charging in view of the limited capacity of the transmission system for higher demand/charging of multiple EVs. Another focus of our attention in the field of electromobility is the development of shared electromobility, urban electromobility, electromobility for people aged 15 to 18, electromobility for the elderly.

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