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Our solution is not only certified, modern and safe, but we also pride ourselves on professional and quality installation at the customer's site. Safety, functionality and easy maintenance and inspection is the basis of every installation of Krel Central a.s.

Installation of ATS panels
Principle of an automatic start generator
  1. Power failure, out⁠-⁠of⁠-⁠tolerance voltage of the public network, overload of the network, overvoltage caused by sudden relief or damage to the supply wires, etc.
  2. According to pre⁠-⁠set parameters, the automatic system disconnects the mains supply and starts the generator at the same time
  3. After the generator has stabilized, it starts to supply the backup outlet
  4. When the power supply is restored, the automatic control switches the back⁠-⁠up outlet back to the public network and stops the operation of the generator

The backup power supply can be remotely activated or blocked from starting by means of a GSM gateway, or by contacting the linked technology.

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