ATS Panels

How it works

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How the automatic start of electric generators works

Our company Krel Central a.s. develops, manufactures and supplies certified equipment (ATS panels) for automated backup power supply for a wide range of entities ⁠-⁠ from small houses to hospital or data complexes. The decisive advantage of petrol electric generators with automatic start system is the electronically controlled choke actuator, which ensures superior start reliability compared to conventional systems.

Common situation

In a normal situation, the distributor supplies electricity through an automatic switch to the point of consumption ⁠-⁠ a company or a household, the generator is stopped and disconnected, but constantly ready for an active start.

A common situation with a power plant
Emergency situation

In the event of a power outage, the electronic switch automatically starts the generator and switches the back⁠-⁠up point to its generator. Thus, there will be no long⁠-⁠term power outage and the point of consumption can continue its operation until the supply of energy from the grid is restored.

Generator emergency

The switch ensures that the energy from the generator does not flow back into the grid and that an employee of the distribution plant working to repair the fault, for example, cannot be electrocuted. When the public grid returns, the backup outlet automatically switches back and stops the generator.

ATS panel operation Mobile version of ATS panel operation Shadow of ATS panel operation